Can I attend a daily morning service?

We do have a daily morning service.  It meets at 6:45 on weekdays and at 8:00 on Sundays and national holidays like the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving.

I am new to traditional Judaism - can I still attend synagogue events?

We welcome new members – no level of knowledge is needed to attend and enjoy our services.

Coordinator & Member Information

Coordinator Schedule

Daily Minyan Captains

Below is the list of daily captains charged with ensuring a minyan. Please contact these folks should you be coming to shul either for a yahrzeit, delivering kiddush or for any other reason. It will be very useful to plan a minyan if they know of your attendance in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

SundayGary Zuckerman

MondayGary Zuckerman

TuesdayColman Buchbinder

Wednesday – Gary Zuckerman

ThursdayRachel Abramson

FridayLaura Moss