Our Values

Mah Tovu is a lay-led community where everyone, regardless of gender identification or sexual orientation, may participate equally in leading and attending  traditional services. We are affiliated with the Conservative Movement, and use the siddur “Sim Shalom”.

We meet on Shabbat morning and afternoon, all Jewish holidays and for morning minyan Sunday through Friday.  In particular, those saying Kaddish will find they have a welcoming morning home everyday of the week – where regardless of gender they can engage in this meaningful practice supported by others.

In addition to weekly Kiddush on Shabbat, Mah Tovu regularly gathers for educational and social events.


Throughout the year, we have many opportunities to attend lectures and learning groups. Some of our learning experiences are annual activities while others are created as special events. At times we bring in outside speakers and other times members create and present their own study sessions. These are self-taught groups, organized around specific topics, texts or skills. In addition, any member who wishes to acquire particular synagogue skills can be paired up with members who can teach that skill. Mah Tovu’s annual Shabbaton combines learning with traditional Shabbat songs and meals.


Members are encouraged to periodically participate in the service as their skill level permits, but at no time is this required. This can range from opening the ark or taking an aliyah to reading Torah, Haftarah, leading Davening, or giving a D’var Torah. There are members who are can teach these skills to those who wish to learn. The Minyan is unique in the amount of participation it allows its members. This participatory element gives members a wonderful sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. But of course, active participation is not required. Many of our members prefer to just attend the service and enjoy the variety they experience of those who do lead services.


Each Shabbat and on most holidays Mah Tovu has Kiddush. Members bring the food for the Kiddush on a rotating basis. Each family brings Kiddush approximately once to twice a year. Singles or families who wish can sponsor Kiddush together with another member.

Organizational Structure

Mah Tovu is run by a steering committee of five members. All meetings are open to Minyan members.

The Steering Committee positions are:

Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Program, and House. Elections are held each spring and any member can run for a position. Members can also become involved in a number of sub-committees.


We maintain a kosher kitchen at our building. All Minyan activities held at the Shul are strictly kosher. Periodically, dairy pot-luck events are held at member’s homes.