Worship & Prayer

Davening with Mah Tovu

Shabbat and Holiday Morning Services – 9:15am
Shabbat Mincha – times vary
Morning Minyan  – Monday through Friday 6:45
Sunday 8:00am

Mah Tovu holds Shabbat and holiday services in our building at 7315 N. Western in Rogers Park. Daily services are conducted on Zoom.

We use the Conservative movement’s prayer book Sim Shalom. The service is a traditional Conservative service conducted mostly in Hebrew, with a D’var Torah (short talk or discussion about the weekly Torah or Haftorah reading) given by members in English. The atmosphere is casual and much of the service is sung out loud.

We are a lay-led minyan where services are organized and led by the members themselves.  Several of our members are Jewish Educators or Rabbis who serve the greater Jewish community in other capacities.


Each Shabbat a different member coordinates the service. This weekly coordinator arranges for Torah readers and persons to lead each part of the service and gives out honors.

Members are also encouraged but not in any way required to periodically participate in the service as their skill level permits. This can range from opening the ark or taking an aliyah to reading Torah, Haftarah, leading Davening (prayers), or giving a d’var Torah.  There are members who can teach these skills to those who wish to learn. Mah Tovu is unique in the amount of participation it allows its members. This participatory element gives members a wonderful sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Daily Services

We have a shacharit daily minyan at 6:45 AM. On Sundays and national holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving) it meets  at 8 AM.


Mah Tovu meets on all Jewish holidays.  On major holidays such as Sukkot and Passover, services begin at 9:15 am.  See our calendar for any specifics on upcoming holidays.

Mah Tovu holds services on all High Holy Days.

Kids at Mah Tovu

While children are always welcome in the service, we also provide a Gan room staffed by an experienced child care provider. Again. children are welcome to remain in the service with their parents as well and are encouraged to participate by opening the ark, reading the Maftir aliyah of the Torah reading, or leading the singing of Ein Kelohainu or Adon Olam.

Mah Tovu participates in the SKIP program. SKIP is a cooperative program in which families, congregations and the Jewish Federation of Chicago each contribute funds toward an educational program in Israel for participating students. Children in grades 3-6 are eligible to enroll. The money can be used toward an approved trip to Israel any time between the end of ninth grade and five years after graduation from college.