Proof of vaccination will be required starting on Rosh HaShana

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Dear Friends and Guests,
Starting with Rosh Hashana, September 6, proof of vaccination will be required to attend services in-person. .
If you are interested in attending services at Mah Tovu, please provide me with a copy of your vaccination card by Friday, August 20.  You can take a picture and send it as a text or an email.  If necessary, we can meet in person for you to give it to me.
Greeters at the front door will have a list of all vaccinated worshipers.  Those not on the list will not be allowed in, even if they have a negative Covid test.  We are doing this to safeguard everyone who comes to pray with us.
Stuart Kiken
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Inside the sanctuary in our new building.Inside the sanctuary in our new building.